Our marketing strategy - LingProfit Affiliate Program

Our marketing strategy

Our marketing materials were created to convert as good as possible. As we are focused on making great sales (i.e. generating hundreds of paid orders), by working with us you will be able to achive a high commission.

Marketing materials we use at the moment are the result of numerous A/B tests so we are sure that they have a huge impact on our great sales results. Think that those are just beautiful words? See our tricks!


Pre-landing page

We know our audience perfectly and we know they are people who want to achieve their goal in a quick and easy way (i.e., improve their financial situation or raise their social status). Therefore, in order to maximize our efficiency, our materials hit a nerve. Our landing page describes a history of a person, who, thanks to using our product, managed to fight all life problems. It is a known fact that impulse purchase is way easier when one can identify oneself with the problems of the person whose story is told in the ad.

Each customer has a 30-day 100% money back guarantee without giving a reason which encourage people to buy our product and pay for it immediately. In fact, less then 5% of them decides to get their money back so there is no risk for your commission!

Before the final confirmation and client's payment, there appears an information about the possibility of buying additional sets at a special price. Adding this step to the client's path to purchase significantly increases the cart value (hence, your commission). The percentage of clients who end up choosing the bigger set is (and has been for years) around 50%.

In order to ensure the sense of security, we enable our clients to make payments on a branded payment page, without redundant redirects and additional waiting. A payment that is easy and quick increases the percentage of the orders paid online, which leads directly to the increase of your commission.