Current reality

We have come to live in very, very specific times. The dangerous virus is not the only threatening thing — the recession and crisis can be as (or even more!) dangerous. Many people fear to lose their jobs and livelihood. Banking products are no longer trusted, as people avoid investing for fear of loss. This seriously affects not only the economy but also all industries that need money to go round.

Many marketing agencies lose their clients. Not only digital agencies, but also lead-generating companies. Due to the complexity of their operation (e.g., expanded call centre), it is not possible, or extremely hard to convert the whole company to remote work.

Thus, we are dealing with a crisis that is worse than the one from 2008, and it brings the worst 1929 Black Thursday associations to our minds.

People need money, this is as bright as the sun, so the possibility of earning money from home is worth its weight in gold.

By typing the appropriate term into Google, we can find plenty of offers:

  • filling out questionnaires,
  • web courses,
  • clicking on bank offers,
  • webinars,
  • investment offers,

…and many others. But here comes the chance for you as a marketing partner!

This is…

the affiliate marketing time.

We are living in times of social media and a very complex virtual life. There are many opportunities and places to promote product: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Taboola – all of these are tools that can make a real difference.

People have to relieve their boredom; they want to have fun and… learn! Think about the LingProfit referral offer, which is an attractive alternative on the market of affiliate marketing. Our flagship product is Fast Phrases, a language learning course. Our affiliate program is based on CPL, CPS and RevShare models that are offering the highest commission on the market (up to 40%!), fast and timely payment on a monthly basis, a 120-day cookie storage period and an excellent 24/7 help desk for partners. What’s more, for affiliates who will register by the end of May we have a monthly Fast Phrases subscription for the chosen language for free. So, you can learn a foreign language and make money. Doesn’t it sound perfect?! Every partner is very important to us, and we try to provide the best possible support, such as the preparation of sales pages, policy analysis, cooperation tips, sales materials and the best sales results. Use our program, tools and knowledge to increase your earnings.

This is one of the options, but, obviously, there is much more. In the current situation, you have to use all the possibilities. The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the rules of the game and it’s up to you to adapt and join a thriving and profitable team or to stay behind. It’s all up to you, so make it happen!