On Dec 4th and 5th, we participated in one of the most important affiliate industry events of the year – the Affiliate World Asia 2019 conference. It took place in Bangkok and was attended by 3,648 people from all around the world. They had 182 exhibitors to see, 32 speakers to listen to, and lots of practical knowledge to gain.

As conference attendees, within 2 days we had dozens of chats and a number of business meetings, which we hope will result in interesting and fruitful cooperation. Moreover, as we also had an opportunity to attend accompanying events, we were at AdCombo & Propeller Ads’ and AdBuyers’ after parties. Thanks to these, we could get the best of improving our knowledge, share experiences with other conference attendees and have some backroom talks about the future and trends in affiliation.

This year’s edition was attended by almost a 1000 more people than the last year’s one, which is a sign of its high quality and attractive agenda. Within 48 hours, affiliates have exchanged thousands of business cards, shared experience and information. Experts’ speeches were extremely popular, and its audience would leave them equipped with valuable contacts, practical knowledge and inspiration to conquer the affiliate market in the following months. This was an extraordinarily precious experience we are eager to repeat next year. See you there!