Hybrid commission model

The growing number of advertisers is opening up to work in a hybrid billing model. Remodeling the traditional commission model leads to a reduction in the CPS or CPL rate, and also proposing additional CPC and CPM budgets for this.
Probably that is a positive trend that creates a more attractive proposal for partner analysis and allows us to provide optimal service and cooperation with a wider group of publishers. The hybrid model balances the risk and lowers the barrier for both publishers and advertisers.
The impact of this change is highlighted by the growing performance of hybrid transmissions. In 2020, we are waiting for the implementation of hybrid commission models for a wider group of advertisers.

Influencers in affiliate marketing

We are observing the growing trend associated with influencers and their willingness to test advertising based on the affiliate model. Earlier, it was difficult to encourage influencers to test affiliate marketing because they were traditionally accustomed to receiving fees in advance for their activities. For the affiliate network, persuading partners to engage in CPA, not to charge in advance, was a challenge. However, this seems to be changing. There is a growing number of influencers who recognize the benefits of affiliate marketing, i.e. the reach of advertisers and the ease of choosing a campaign. Cooperation generates effects for both influencers and advertisers operating in the CPA model.


It is important to build the publisher’s loyalty, establish long-term and trusting relationships with them. Acquiring them isn’t enough to celebrate marketing success. Publishers are not a homogeneous group, they have different needs, expectations and attract different types of clients. Understanding this relationship and explaining it to advertisers is one of the challenges that affiliate marketing faces. Maintaining good relations with business partners, verbosity, reliability and transparency of operations are a recipe for fruitful cooperation that does not end when the commission due to the publisher is paid. No borders of affiliate programs A significant number of publishers are focused on their local markets.

No borders of affiliate programs

A significant number of publishers are focused on the local market, which deprives them of the opportunity to reach a wider group of customers. Meanwhile, the digital world is a world without borders, which also applies to performance advertising. The global nature of the affiliation allows it to be run 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Activities on a larger scale, going beyond the billing models known to everyone, appreciating the role and importance of non-standard actions in building publisher loyalty are other trends in affiliate marketing that we will soon be able to observe. It will be very good considering experiences of last few months.


The simplicity of the program, especially its backend (panel) is the key to success. Complicated and non-transparent programs will disappear because of the lack of interest and fear they will give to users. Programs such as LingProfit with its easy-to-use panel that contains a lot of statistics and helpful widgets are favorites for success!